“How can you say that I am wasting my life on this?”


This blog, with it’s weird dumb name and absurd garbage aesthetic, was started back in 2010 and it’s gone through a few revisions, a handful of contributors and couple different webhosts. I kept at this thing, wrote reviews, brought in friends and family to talk comics and other stuff, talked to some bands and started getting cool emails, then life wiped me out and my spirits fell. This blog languished for months and then went dark. So I decided, maybe I should bring that back? What started out as a way for me to talk about bands I dug had shown promising growth and opened some doors for me and they only fell shut because I got lazy.

So what brought me back? A year in a windowless building shoveling car loans had my feet hungrily pounding the pavement every chance I could get outside, cramming junk food in my face until I had had enough and got a job at the local indie theater. I listened to podcasts and read some of the best music journalism and editorial I’ve seen in years. Some friends decided to start an event promotions business of their own. I watched bands in art galleries and coffee shops in my new city. I saw people doing cool things around me and got inspired. I’m a weirdo punk kid from nowhere with lousy social skills who realized looking down the barrel of corporate America that “they don’t know the power of amplifiers or the gutter is where we feel alive.”

Dylan Hensley: Publisher and editor. Holder of a B.S. in Music Business. Blogging since I was a teen. Done some freelancing. Ticket taker/popcorn maker/projectionist.

Justin Hensley: Regular contributor, master list builder, impeccable researcher. Warehouse worker by night.

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