“Since I’ve got myself an easy job…”

I have talked about music on the internet for more than a decade in some form or another, always with some authorial bent but rarely with any professional status. Though, I have written for a few publications. You can probably find half thoughts of mine still cataloged over at New Noise Magazine. You can hear me “um and uh” on a weekly basis with my brother at Punk Lotto Pod. I use to book shows, I use to be a metal vocalist, I use to be a hardcore vocalist, I use to be a metal bass player. I write music and play guitar and try to sing in a band that I hope makes it’s debut this decade.

I grew up in North Carolina. Now I live in Arizona. I think about California and the past too much. I should probably lift some weights and eat better. At least I don’t think about my job that much anymore.

I’m writing this for me now, but thanks for reading.

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