Brighter Arrows on Dreamliner and the near future

A few months back, Justin and I both wrote about some records that were the direct product of or exemplars of a lineage of experimental music from the heavy underbelly of the recording industry. Speaking for myself, that glimpse into personal listening history was brief and it did not take long before I would find myself turning to more familiar standbys. I would not say my tastes are stagnant as, though I have frequently bemoaned my own laziness in seeking out new music lately, I have lobbed my fair share of criticisms at “genre” music; by which I mean those bands that often swirl around the eddies of every buzz band(take your pick).

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Interview – Chris Carreon of Springtime

Not long into the new year and Tiny Engines was announcing their claim to newcomers Springtime. There are hints at geography and history with their gritty but melodic punk rock and their down to earth attitude but no member of Springtime is some Johnny-come-lately either. They know their stuff but resist the urge to closely ape their influences, instead they create a solid mix of breakneck energy and vintage Dischord melody and emotion; yet with it’s own character. Guitarist, Chris Carreon, found a chunk of time to carve out and answer a few questions for me.

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Interview – Ryan Patterson of Coliseum

Ryan Patterson(pictured above on the right) is the vocalist and guitarist of neo-crust titans turned noise rockers: Coliseum. On top of that he pulls his own as a graphic designer, an active member of not one but two side projects(Whips/Chains and Black God), and co-owner of online merch and record distro Shirtkiller. Earlier last week I caught up with Ryan about the upcoming Coliseum record Sister Faith; fan reactions to their Temporary Residence debut, House With a Curse; his design inspiration and how he remarkably manages such a full schedule.

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