Review: Bars of Gold – Wheels

I came much too late to the Bear Vs. Shark party. My musical tastes were much more oriented around Christian metalcore around the time that Terrorhawk was released but I do distinctly remember seeing banner ads for that record as I would trawl Purevolume for new music. I think not much later I would see ads for 30 Seconds to Mars or something like that and for at least a few years after I would always associate BVS with that scene despite the band having very little in common with that mid-00s post-hardcore. It would be some time before I would finally take a chance, thanks to a young Irishman I encountered on a small messageboard that I ran in my late teens(one of my first social media ventures) and though it would still be some time before those two records would totally engulf me; the seed was planted in good soil that time.

So, Johnny-come-lately as I have been–not just with BVS but with many great bands–I can safely say that I got in very early with Bars of Gold; the new vehicle for Marc Paffi and Brandon Moss, vocalist and drummer respectively. From the first live recordings to their debut LP of Gold, the Wildcatting-plus one Detroit based group have enamored me. Much like Bear Vs. Shark they have managed to consistently warp frantic rhythm, messy leads, and howling vocals into superbly catchy, lyrically mystifying yet emotional satisfying bundle. Right around two o’clock this afternoon my only aim for later that evening was to plunge head first into one of my most anticipated records of the year.

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